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Gestalt Center for Coaching is the primary center serving the world for training, development and research in application of Gestalt approach in coaching and development of individuals, teams and organizations, and larger systems. We teach a Gestalt-based approach to coaching and consulting that incorporates cutting-edge developmental theories from thought leaders worldwide. The Center is founded on core Gestalt values which hold that it is the awareness of self and others, in the context of aware possibilities, that support choice for intervention and success.

Gestalt Coaching Works…

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by inviting clients to become aware of their immediate contextual responses (e.g., physical, psychological, emotional, cognitive)

The heart of a Gestalt approach lies in internalizing and applying the power of awareness.

The Gestalt coach works with awareness to facilitate clients’ self identification of habitual, unaware patterns of response, particularly those that interfere with their ability to respond in changing situations.


by collaboratively and creatively supporting clients’ safe exploration of alternative perceptual and behavioral choices

Gestalt coaches offer creative experiments to strengthen clients’ awareness.

Experiments interrupt habitual perceptual or behavioral patterns and invite opportunity. Gestalt coaches creates “safe emergencies” for clients that enable expanded possibilities and new choices.


by encouraging clients’ awareness of self and others, which yields “data” that informs actions to achieve desired outcomes

The Gestalt coach keeps clients focused on whatever emerges in the moment.

Gestalt approach uses whatever occurs in the moment as the experiential and existential ground for coach and client to explore and experiment with. As Kierkegaard says “be with what is, so that what is possible, may become”.

Our Offerings

Accredited Coach Training Programs

Gestalt Center for Coaching is the home of ICF Accredited Gestalt Coaching Programs™. Started in Istanbul under the name of Eurasian Gestalt Coaching Program, Gestalt Coaching Programs are currently offered in Istanbul and Toronto, and many other global cities soon.

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Advanced Development for Coaches

We provide advanced training opportunities for coaching professionals to support them grow into their full presence and use of self. Path of Mastery in Gestalt Coaching, Gestalt Groupworks – Working with Teams and Groups, Coaching Leaders in Complex Organizations are among the offerings.

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Other Offerings

We provide cutting edge trainings, groups, and workshops for leaders, organizations and individuals, rooted in robust Gestalt theory and practice. Some offerings include Awareness Intelligence™ training, Presence and Use of Self as an Instrument Workshops, Mindfulness in Leadership, many others.

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In The Words of Past Participants…

Joining GCP is one of the biggest milestones in my life… It was not only a great learning experience in terms of my Coaching profession, but also had a great impact on my whole life. I feel myself expanded as a coach, as a person, as a mother, as a partner, as a child, as a friend…
Executive & Team Coach
I am a partner and manager of a family owned company. The GCP training is different than all the trainings that I took. From all trainings up to now I gained knowledge… From the GCP I gained wisdom In my business life, in my every relations I am more aware of myself…which helps me a lot.. Alhough this is a coach training program for others, it worked for me to be a coach also for myself….’
Mine Yardımcı Ekdal, Managing Director
Great facilitators, secure environment, proven & effective techniques with memories of a lifetime.
Elif Sezgin, HR Director, Coca Cola
I am now aware how ‘awareness’ helps people in their personal growth and ‘being in contact with self’ is the key.
Executive & Team Coach
The experiential learning that GCP offers was a big supportive challenge on our own journeys. I have met the best learning methodology ever: ‘learning on & through self’.
Pınar K. Dölarslan, PCC, Executive Coach
Gestalt approach is an awareness process which leads to transformation by choice” It was an adventure and discovery through my being and existence.
Sezai Aydın, Executive Coach & Trainer

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Center Co-Founders

Gestalt Center for Coaching (previously Eurasian Gestalt Center) has been founded by collaboration of three master coaches:  Dorothy Siminovitch, PhD., MCC, who is the pioneer in the area of the Gestalt Coaching and originator of the first ICF – Accredited Gestalt Coaching Program in the world, Dost Can Deniz, MBA, MCC, first certified master coach in Turkey and South East Europe, and Gila Şeritçioğlu, MA, REAT, CSC, MCC, who has extensive experience in bringing creative methods and human development together.

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