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Welcome to the world of pragmatic magic
in Gestalt Coaching

Welcome to Gestalt Center For Coaching

Gestalt Center for Coaching is the primary center serving the world for training, development and research in application of Gestalt approach in coaching and development of individuals, teams and organizations, and larger systems. We teach a Gestalt-based approach to coaching and consulting that incorporates cutting-edge developmental theories from thought leaders worldwide. The Center is founded on core Gestalt values which hold that it is the awareness of self and others, in the context of aware possibilities, that support choice for intervention and success.

Awareness / Action / Learning / Change

The Gestalt Coaching Program™
The flagship training from of the Gestalt Center For Coaching
Gestalt Groupworks
Intervention Mastery for Work with Groups & Teams
Advanced Gestalt Coaching Practitioner Program
A One-Year Advanced Program

Gestalt Coaching Works…


by encouraging clients’ awareness of self and others, which yields “data” that informs actions to achieve desired outcomes


by collaboratively and creatively supporting clients’ safe exploration of alternative perceptual and behavioral choices


by inviting clients to become aware of their immediate contextual responses (e.g., physical, psychological, emotional, cognitive)

A Gestalt coach is attentive to two parallel processes at the same time – the client’s and their own. These are not static but rather are in continuous movement, at some moments separate, at others overlapping, intersecting or resisting.

A Gestalt coach helps clients improve the ways they scan their internal and external environments, gather data, and make sense of that data in order to expand choices and engage in productive actions.

Gestalt Coaching, a present-focused approach, seeks to recognize the critical choice points for action that exist in the moment but that promise long-term effect. Being able to track and attend to the fluctuations of client and coach self-awareness throughout the coaching encounter, and so to be ready when that moment emerges, is the heart of mastery.

To learn more about the Gestalt Center for Coaching’s approach, please read Dorothy Siminovitch’s article in the Coaching World magazine here

Metamorphic Coaching

Our Approach

Gestalt-based coaching can be called “metamorphic coaching” in that it calls for client transformation achieved through awareness, choice and integration.

A Gestalt coach brings the gift of an integrated presence to the coaching encounter, wherein behavior and use of self are aligned with core values and full access to emotional life. This lends power for supporting clients to share their interior and to have the experience of being heard under the avowed premise that they are already healthy, whole, and resourceful.

Center Co Founders

Dorothy Siminovitch, Ph.D., MCC

Center Co-Leader, Director of Training

Dorothy E. Siminovitch, Ph.D., MCC is an individual, team, and leadership development coach.


Dost Can Deniz, MBA, MCC

Center Co-Leader

Dost Deniz, MBA, MCC is the first Master Certified Coach, as accredited by International Coach Federation in Turkey and South East Europe.


Gila Ancel Seritcioglu, MA., CAGS, MCC

Center Co-Leader,

Gila Ancel Seritcioglu, MA., CAGS, MCC is a pyschologist, an educationalist, expressive arts therapist and a Master Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation.


Our Faculty

Zeynep Evgin Eryılmaz, MA, MCC


Belkıs Kazmirci, MA, MCC


Cahide Akkuzu, MCC


Yeşim Özlale Önen, MA


In the Words of Past Participants

Gestalt approach is an awareness process which leads to transformation by choice” It was an adventure and discovery through my being and existence.

Sezai Aydın

Executive Coach & Trainer

The experiential learning that GCP offers was a big supportive challenge on our own journeys. I have met the best learning methodology ever: ‘learning on & through self’.

Pınar K. Dölarslan

PCC, Executive Coach

I am now aware how ‘awareness’ helps people in their personal growth and ‘being in contact with self’ is the key.

Executive & Team Coach

Great facilitators, secure environment, proven & effective techniques with memories of a lifetime.

Elif Sezgin

HR Director, Coca Cola

I am a partner and manager of a family owned company. The GCP training is different than all the trainings that I took. From all trainings up to now I gained knowledge… From the GCP I gained wisdom In my business life, in my every relations I am more aware of myself…which helps me a lot.. Alhough this is a coach training program for others, it worked for me to be a coach also for myself….’

Mine Yardımcı Ekdal

Managing Director

Joining GCP is one of the biggest milestones in my life… It was not only a great learning experience in terms of my Coaching profession, but also had a great impact on my whole life. I feel myself expanded as a coach, as a person, as a mother, as a partner, as a child, as a friend…

Executive & Team Coach
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