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Overview of Gestalt Coaching and Demonstration with Dr. Dorothy Siminovitch

December 27th, 8:30 pm Istanbul time, 6:30pm London times, 12:30 pm New York time Join Dr. Dorothy, author of “A Gestalt Coaching Primer: The Path Towards Awareness Intelligence”  and senior faculty in a demonstration of gestalt coaching and an overview of what makes this methodology so powerful for new and practiced coaches.  You will be: [...]

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Webinar – Gestalt Coaching Program 2023 Open House: A tour of the transformational journey & Q/A with Gila Şeritçioğlu, MA, MCC

In this webinar, we will look at the questions of: What is the recipe of the magic potion of the gestalt approach? What is the content and what are the steps of this transformational journey? What are people who took this journey saying about their experience? Join us on Monday, Nov 14th for a 90 [...]

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Masterclass with Dorothy: Presence And Masterful Use Of Self: Intervention And Influence Skills – Dec 14 – 17

For more information please visit:  

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Free Webinar with Dorothy – “The Essence of Gestalt Practice: Deepening Your Presence & Mastery in Use of Self”

The Gestalt Approach to Coaching is based upon  mindful, experiential and innovative practices .  We recognize that  the power of a coach’s presence contributes to change by promoting greater awareness for the client.  IN this webinar, we will show how: 1. The coach offers themselves as an instrument of awareness 2. The coach looks to [...]

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