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Announcing the Gestalt Center for Coaching (previously Eurasian Gestalt Center)

Dear students, alumni, and friends of Eurasian Gestalt Coaching Program and Eurasian Gestalt Center;

Please welcome our new institutional names and logos of Gestalt Center for Coaching, and Gestalt Coaching Program in Istanbul and Gestalt Coaching Program in Toronto.

Our center and our program are growing. Since we started in Istanbul in 2009, we have done 6 coaching programs, 2 advanced Path Of Mastery in Gestalt Coaching programs, and many many workshops… We were able to secure, thanks to Dorothy’s efforts, ACTP track certification for all of our graduates of 6 years (grandfathering) even though we got certified only two years ago, which unheard of for any ICF accredited program. The percentage of our graduates who are ICF certified or on the path of becoming certified are among the highest in any school. And now, we are taking our program to Toronto, Canada.

To match our efforts and growth, and to reflect our achievement of being a global force in the coaching field, we would like to announce that, effective today, we have a new name and logo for our ICF Accredited coaching program, as well as for our center.

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We would like to thank our dear friend and student Ahmet Akın (GCP 2015 – 16) and his agency Kramp in capturing the essence of “Gestalt”, the parts becoming together to create a meaningful whole, in their design of the new logos for our center and the program. As a we – you, our students, alumni, and friends, and us, the leaders and faculty of GCC – become together, we are creating a whole that is beautiful, powerful, and meaningful and is a force in the world.We are also redesigning our website – a long overdue need. We are hoping to create a listing page for all of our graduates and also a password protected area for resources, only for alumni and students. Yet this new website is in the works for now and our website is operational until then.We invite you to join us and take a pause now to bring to your mind your intention to do good, your dreams and your aspiration to create change towards peace, abundance and harmony in the world, and with all that good intentions, dreams and aspiration, put your focus on our new logo, and meditate for a minute or so.By putting our collective attention on what we wish to manifest, and by jointly creating containers for that creative attention, maybe we be the change we want to make happen in the world.

With love and gratitude,

Gestalt Center for Coaching Leadership: Dost, Gila, Dorothy
GCC Faculty: Belkıs, Zeynep, Elif, Yeşim

Administrative Support: Seda (Istanbul), Martha (US & Canada)


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