We, as the Leaders and Faculty of GCP, are proud to be offering this unique structure of learning, which we call the "Client Day". This opportunity is only made possible by the generosity and willingness of our invited executive clients. Confidentiality is a critical part of any coaching agreement. So as a part of your engagement with your clients, and to support them, you, and the richness of this learning process, we ask you:

  • To respect the privacy of the client you meet in the process,
  • Not to talk about your client or their experience in the client day in any way with others,
  • Not to share any information, stories, feelings, experience, etc. your client shared with you with others, even without revealing your client's identity, or even by partially or fully changing the names of the people, companies, places, etc.,
  • Not to reveal the identity of the client when talking about this learningexperience with others who are outside of this learning community,
  • Not to contact the client after this process, unless expressly invited by the client to do so.

These requests are only made to create a safe learning environment with clear boundaries, and are organic to any coaching engagement