Gestalt Center for Coaching Co-Leader Dorothy Siminovitch, Ph.D., MCC will present a unique workshop in June. If you want to learn more about how to master your presence and use of self, and be exposed to our approach to working, don’t miss this one:

Presence and Mastery in Use of Self: Being an Agent of Awareness and Choice

  • Are you aware of your distinctive presence?
  • Are you satisfied with the impact you have?
  • Can you be bold when you need to be?
  • Can you access both intimacy and agency when needed?
  • Can you respond in the right moment, where possibility exists?

A core belief of the Gestalt approach is that a self-aware and compelling presence is a critical practitioner success variable that goes beyond the scope of specific tools. A compelling presence is a competitive advantage for coaches, consultants, and leaders. Although defining presence is challenging because of its uniqueness across individuals, it is a decisive factor in attracting clients and inspiring others.

This highly experiential 3-day workshop is designed to address key aspects of your presence and your intentional use of self in the service of effectiveness, creativity, and satisfaction. Assessing and developing one’s own presence requires the context of others. We learn about the impact of our presence only by learning what we evoke or provoke in others. Thus the creation of a safe environment, with a rigorous demand for courage and trust, is an essential component of the workshop.

The workshop uses the power of groups as a vehicle for exploring presence and use of self across levels of system: individuals, dyads, the group itself, and the larger institutional context of the group. Group configurations provide the practice opportunities that are accompanied by varied and intense feedback regarding participants’ leadership styles and skills. Participants will work with their impact as a group leader and with follow-up development strategies to increase personal mastery of and satisfying use of self for effective leadership.

Who Should Attend

The workshop is open to coaches, consultants, trainers, HR specialists, leaders, and graduates of any coach training program that has introduced the applicant to the concept of “presence.”

Come ready to:

  • Increase your awareness and your capacity to act choicefully in the moment
  • Strengthen your capacity to influence and inspire others with your presence
  • Develop greater self-trust in your ability to skillfully intervene
  • Learn practices that strengthen your interventions across system levels

Program dates

June 18–20, 2015


BÜMED (Boğaziçi Üniversitesi Mezunlar Derneği), Istanbul, Turkey


Early Bird Discount $1,400 USD + VAT by May 15, 2015

Full Registration $1,600 USD + VAT

For more information and to register, contact:

Zeynep Evgin Eryilmaz (532) 684 11 88 email /