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Gestalt Groupworks


February 19-23, 2024 in Istanbul

Intervention Mastery for Work with Groups & Teams

Dorothy E. Siminovitch, PhD, MCC
Dost Can Deniz, MBA, MCC
Gila Ancel Şeritçioğlu, MA, MCC

Understanding and being able to facilitate groups and work teams is a core competency for leaders, consultants, and executive coaches. Professional mastery in group leadership means having the skills to recognize and track system issues, being able to tolerate disruptions, and being able to intervene at any level of system.

Working with groups and teams requires a grounded presence, the ability to hold multiple perspectives, and a strategic use of self to meet emerging challenges. One of the most effective ways to strengthen one’s presence and use of self is through the practice of facilitating groups and teams.

This 5 day experiential workshop draws from Gestalt concepts and practices to develop beginning mastery in group interventions.

Participants will:
Learn Gestalt theory, concepts, and practices that enhance observation and intervention skills for working at all levels of group process
Receive in the moment feedback on your interventions, presence and use of self when working with a group which will provide essential data for self improvement.
Join in a personal learning group to facilitate integration of group leadership issues
Experience working with a volunteer client group, where there is opportunity to practice and to receive immediate feedback on your presence and use of self as a group leader.

Price: $2,300 + VAT where applicable.

40 CCEUs
30.25 Core Competencies,
10.50 Personal Development,
3.25 Development of Coaching Practice

More Info and Registration: Please email Gila Şeritçioğlu at or complete the form at the end of this page (below).

Gestalt Groupworks
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