Awareness 20/20™ Instrument Certification Workshop

June 25, 2018 in Istanbul

with Dorothy E. Siminovitch, PhD, MCC

Self-awareness and awareness management have been linked to leadership excellence. But “awareness” has been difficult to accurately assess and quantify. Awareness 20/20TM is new leadership assessment instrument designed to meet the need for a quantitative method of assessing leaders’ awareness skills and practices. The assessment enables goals for development, which become the focal part of the coaching engagement.

Awareness 20/20TM is an online leadership appraisal instrument co-developed by Dorothy E. Siminovitch, of Gestalt Coaching Works and Barbara Singer, of Executive Core. Awareness 20/20 assists executive coaching by harnessing multiple perspectives across the seven dimensions of awareness that are central to the Awareness IQ Coaching Model. To learn more about this model please click this link to hear and watch Dorothy talking about this revolutionary model.

The Awareness 20/20TM instrument begins with an initial 360° assessment of current executive awareness strengths. This first appraisal gathers baseline information used to set leaders’ goals for awareness development through coaching intervention. Following 6-12 months of coaching, the instrument is re-distributed to the same sample group for a 720° appraisal. This second appraisal, post-coaching, assesses improvement, providing ROI data for the coaching engagement. Feedback is conducted in both instances with the active involvement of experienced coaches.

Executive coaches and consultants are invited to attend this one-day session, where you will:

  • Gain a clear overview of the administration and interpretation of the instrument
  • Have access to sample reports, and learn how to use the assessments to articulate coaching goals
  • Explore how the instrument adds value to your organizational toolkit

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LOCATION: Kanyon AVM – Büyükdere Cad. – 34394 Istanbul, Turkey

TIME: 9:30am – 5:30pm

Session is limited to 20 participants.

Inquiries & Registration: Contact Martha Lannoch, Administrator, at