A free webinar with Dost Can Deniz, MCC

December 7th, 2023 21:00 Istanbul, 18:00 London, 13:00 New York

Awareness is one of the frequently used and somewhat overused words in recent times:

  • However, when we say we are aware, are we really aware?
  • Or are we creating a new and perhaps better story for ourselves under the guise of awareness?
  • Does the word “awareness” carry any meaning if I am not directly in contact with what is happening right now, in this moment?
  • How does change happen when we reach the state of awareness we call “here-and-now”?
  • And what perspective and tools can the Gestalt approach provide us to enhance this?

In this short webinar, we will pursue these questions, exploring them experientially here-and-now. We invite everyone interested in change, coaching, and development to join us on December 7th for this webinar with Dost Can Deniz, cofounder and coleader of the Gestalt Center for Coaching and Turkey’s first MCC.

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