A One-Year Advanced Program for GCP Graduates 

The Gestalt Center for Coaching proudly invites graduates of the Gestalt Coaching Program to an advanced learning experience aimed at developing increased mastery in Gestalt coaching and practice. Gestalt theory, concepts, and methods are robust and profoundly powerful when the approach emerges as personal art and skill mastery. This program is designed for those students who wish to invest in the discipline required to bring art and mastery to their Gestalt-based practice.

This powerful program is designed to support:

  • Your growth in your intentional use of self as instrument by assisting you to access and integrate your distinctive strengths
  • Your growth as a coach and Gestalt practitioner and trainer in intervention across stages of group development and levels of system
  • Your business as a coach

In this program you will get:

  • One of the three program leaders assigned as your faculty advisor/mentor, who will support you in your growth process, identify areas to attend to, and help you develop personal learning agendas and strategies
  • Coaching/mentoring sessions with your faculty mentor (a total of ten hours over the period of the program)
  • Use of Self as Coach group sessions (a total of ten sessions over a year during and between sessions)
  • Four exclusive advanced workshops designed for program participants, three days each
  • Opportunities to be privileged observers for one week of the next EGCP training
  • Reading assignments, projects, homework, online discussions, and other structures to support learning and growth

Although not part of the program, we strongly recommend participants of Advanced Practitioner program to attend the Gestalt Groupworks workshops.

Dates to be announced…