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Welcome to "A Short Introduction to Gestalt Coaching" Free Teleclass Series.

Come join us in these 90 minute free teleclasses if you would like to:
  • learn an approach  that will help you support your clients in creating lasting change in a grounded yet fast way through building existential and experiential awareness.
  • explore how to use your self in a more free, impactful and resourceful way in your role as a coach, mentor or leader.
  • learn how to make use of awareness, spontenaity and presence in-the-moment to help your client to experiment with novel ways of being and acting in the world.
  • learn how to become an awareness agent, and helping people  make meaning of the world, and thus having more choice in their co-creation of their life experience.
In these free teleclasses we will present a short introduction to Gestalt Coaching and Gestalt Center For Coaching approach. If you find yourself interested in pursuing more training in Gestalt Coaching, you will be most welcomed to join the Enhancing Your Competency: Gestalt Coaching workshop presented in Toronto on October 7 - 10, or the ICF - ACTP Gestalt Coaching Program™ in Toronto, starting 2016.

To register for the free teleclasses, please fill out the form below. We will contact you with call access details. Please make sure you check your junk folder if you do not receive an email from us in the next one hour.