Terms and Conditions of The Gestalt Coaching Program

Your application to Gestalt Coaching Program is subject to these terms and conditions. Please read carefully and indicate your consent by checking the appropriate box in the application form.

  1. Gestalt Coaching Program is an intense professional development program and it requires a substantial personal investment in time and concentration. The program is based on Core Competencies defined by the ICF and Gestalt Organizational and Personal Development body of knowledge and is designed to teach participants to use these as coaches. The process involves each participant to become aware of their presence and how they use themselves in the world, and thus does involve personal development work. Yet the program is a professional coach development program, does not provide therapy, medical or legal advice, consulting, healing, or any other similar service. The leaders of GCC are responsible for assessing the applicant’s readiness to engage in such a personal and professional development program and to reject admission if they deem the applicant is not ready.
  2. The program is designed to provide the necessary theory, knowledge, tools and an environment for learning to happen. The learning and development is solely the participant’s responsibility. The program does not in anyway promise end results in terms of business, financial gain, success in coaching business or personal development.
  3. The program consists of four face-to-face or online sessions and registration to the program is only possible in its entirety. Participants have to complete all sessions in the program offering they registered for. If they miss a session or more, they are still financially responsible for the entire program. Furthermore, the participants needs to attend at least 80% of the program to be entitled to receive a Certificate of Completion. The leaders of GCC will make their best to direct the participants who miss a session or 80% of the entire program to offerings that will make up for the missed section but cannot guarantee to find an appropriate alternative. In the case an alternative is offered, the participant will be fully responsible for the cost of the alternative offering.
  4. It is not possible to withdraw without financial commitment from the program after it starts unless there is a reasonable medical reason that does not allow the participant to continue the program. In withdrawal without medical urgency the participant will be responsible for the full cost of the program. Also if a participant, after having committed to the program, misses the entirety or most of Session 1, the program leaders may decide to decline the participant to continue with the group that has started and offer to the participant to participate in a future class. In such a case, the participant may still be responsible for part or all of the cost of the program year missed as the program has space for only 24 people and we cannot accept a replacement after the program starts.
  5. Application to Gestalt Coaching Program does not ensure acceptance and registration. Each application will be reviewed by the leaders and faculty of the Gestalt Center for Coaching.
  6. There will be an additional $300 charge for those participants who wish to complete the ACTP (ICF process toward accreditation) which occurs after the program is completed.